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Start-up, Turn-Around, Investment, Mergers & Acquisition

Are you a director-shareholder of a UK company which turns-over £500k - £4m, and is struggling?

Every day in the UK over 100 companies go bust. It is a crying shame because many of these businesses can be saved. If you’re having a problem seeing your way through, perhaps we can help.

We invest in distressed companies

In general we will take a stake in your business or buy it outright. We then turn it around by stemming the loss of cash, dealing with any potentially outstanding creditors and creating a stable and calm environment in which the company can comfortably trade. 

We can make very fast investment decisions: you’ll get a firm decision from us typically within a few days of our first meeting, leaving you free to get on with running and building your business or, if you’d rather sell up, the next stage of your life.

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